Last Update: November, 2022

Animals and Animal Products Policy

Our animals and animal products policy reflects our commitment to animal welfare and the protection of native, endangered, and threatened species. For example, the sale of products containing or made from endangered species or their parts as specified by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) would violate this policy.


What is the policy?

The following are not permitted to advertise:

  • Any animal alive (including coral).
  • Any ivory items and ivory derivatives.
    • Musical instruments containing ivory are allowed.
    • Individually sold parts of instruments of ivory are not allowed. 
  • Skin and pelts from endangered or protected species.
  • Animal horns and bones. 
  • Garments made using the skins of endangered animals.
  • Training collars, anti-bark collars, and electric shepherds.  
  • Taxidermically prepared animals except collectible insects. 
  • Hunting traps and multi-catch cages.


Example listings: