A short history

Once upon a time...

June of 2013

It all started with a crazy idea that would end up being a game changer. What if we made a flea market you could access on your phone? And what if the objects closest to you showed at the top of the list? And also that anyone who wanted to, could use it? And that's how Fleapster, the first version of Wallapop, was born.

What if we call it Wallapop?

September of 2013

Ok, so maybe our first name wasn't our best effort. Brainstorming session, stat! This idea isn't going to take off if we don't have a catchy name. Let's make some popcorn and start throwing out some ideas. Pop! Pop! Walllla! Ahem, just a sec. What if we call it wallapop?

Look, Ma! We're on TV!

April of 2014

We need a viral video. No, wait, better yet let's make a TV commercial and see what happens. Booom. Wallapop became the go-to place for buying and selling in Spain. With that first ad we made it clear what we were here to do and it laid the foundation for all our future campaigns. Not to mention it won us some trophies, too!∑

The Expansion Pack

January 2015

As with all great creations, the Expansion Pack arrived. First France, then the UK, Mexico, Brazil. But the true challenge was the USA. In a matter of weeks Wallapop was one of the top downloads in the app stores. Wallapop conquers America.

European Champions

April 2015

Of course this kind of title was like a holy grail for us. And there had been rumors, but nothing was sure. We weren't holding our breath. We knew to keep our heads down and keep our eyes on the ball. It's not the goal that's important... wait a minute, we're not talking about football here. Because what we won was the Best European Startup of 2015. What were we thinking?

*TechCrunch best movile app of the year Europa Award