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If your first choice is secondhand, then this is your place!

When you do something as simple as buying and selling on Wallapop, you are actually doing a lot more. Things like giving a new life to that paddle racket you don't use and getting a little extra money. Things like saving a couple of euros by buying something you want and never imagined you would find. You're also doing amazing things like helping to make the planet a little more sustainable by consuming more responsibly. And a whole range of other things.

Because when you use Wallapop, you become part of a community of millions of people who have discovered a better way of buying, sharing and living.

So tell us, what is your first choice?

Buying and selling is just the beginning.

We promote sustainable consumption

We make buying and selling secondhand goods a much simpler experience, directly helping to promote a sustainable consumption model.

We promote a more dynamic and efficient economy

By buying what you need and selling what you don't, you are streamlining your economic resources, while helping others to streamline theirs at the same time. Together, we are collaborating to create a better economy.

We love diversity

At Wallapop, we show, order and treat all products equally and impartially. And in doing so, we strive to recognise and enrich the diversity of tastes in our community.

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