Safety first!

Before starting to buy or sell, we recommend that you read these tips so you can have a better experience when using wallapop.

Wallapop is designed for meetings in person, but if you want to buy things that are further away from you, we recommend you use our shipping service. Unlike payments made via bank transfer or other external means of payment, payments made within wallapop are completely protected. It’s always better to avoid a bad experience!

If you are unsure about a user when you chat with them or their profile doesn’t seem quite right, then find another seller that you can trust.

We recommend you carry out your transactions in person or make the payment and delivery via our wallapop shipping service. All payments made using our payment service are protected.

Do not send payments or make transfers before you have checked the item fully.

Look at the profile of the seller or buyer and check their previous ratings, the other items they have for sale and whether their profile is verified.

Don’t trust items with a ridiculously low price or those which use fake photos or stock photos. You can find plenty of bargains on wallapop but let’s be real!

Offers made from buyers abroad where they offer more money than the item is worth or they offer to assume the costs of shipping are usually fraudulent. If you come across this type of offer, please report it to us via the app and we can confirm that this is indeed a valid buyer.

Wallapop never send messages with links for you to view your messages nor to offer you the chance to bump your items to the top of the wall free of charge. If you come across this type of activity, please report it so that we can take the necessary measures.


Do not send money via bank transfer.

We recommend not buying items from abroad. 

Do not send down payments without having checked the item.

We recommend carrying out the whole transaction via our chat service.


Do not trust offers that are above the value of the item.

Avoid remote payments or bank transfers.

We have a list of items that are categorically banned from sale which you can access here “Reglas de convivencia”.

Stolen items are also categorically prohibited from sale.

Wallapop works with the legal authorities (particularly the Mossos d’Esquadra) so that users can be as safe as possible when using wallapop.